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The Management Institute of Finland, MIF, is part of the Soprano Group headquartered in Helsinki, Finland.

In 2013, Soprano experienced significant business growth with a turnover of EUR 17 million along with a positive operating profit. The consolidated turnover, which included MIF, in 2013 amounted approximately to EUR 25 million. In January 2014 the Soprano Group was also listed on the Helsinki Stock Exchange and the company’s turnover and operating profits are estimated to grow further in 2014.

With more than 67,000 professionals and executives from 52 countries around the world participating in its programs each year, MIF is currently the largest leading Nordic training and consulting organization. Its extensive and versatile programs and services portfolio is delivered by the industry’s top trainers and under the trusted brands of MIF, Tieturi and Aspectum in Finland and Russia as well as Informator in Sweden. By combining management, communications, international operations knowhow as well as information technology expertise, MIF is able to help both large and small organizations as well as individuals develop their competences and skills to fully succeed in today’s complex and competitive digitized world.

Based on our customers’ goals and requirements, MIF offers them a unique opportunity to choose and the best suitable training and consulting option for their particular needs, including customized solutions, open courses, seminars, events, online training sessions or personal coaching services.

Our training and consulting services are of the highest quality available and comprise of the following expertise areas:

  • Management and leadership
  • International business development and globalization
  • Sales, marketing and CRM
  • HR management and development
  • Communication and interpersonal skills
  • Competence-based qualifications, certification programs and tests
  • ICT infrastructure
  • ICT governance and risk management
  • Social enterprises and data management
  • Project management, processes, tools and productivity
  • Development, technologies and tools
  • System engineering
  • MS Office work
  • Productivity and safety
  • Professional events